APLYiD benefits

May 27, 2022


APLYiD keeps your clients fully compliant with AML and the aim of the product is to help reduce digital fraud and enable people to live safer lives online. The tool helps businesses by verifying customer or client identity, running background/credit checks and preventing fraud.

PFL is just one of the many organisations to use this biometric software that allows brokers to complete AML obligations and verify clients in minutes.

Check out the benefits of the tool below:

  1. Ease of use and quick turnaround time allows you to verify a client in minutes. All that is required is a valid driver’s license or passport
  2. Facial recognition of clients ensures your clients match their official ID and confirms it against trusted Government sources
  3. Secure – the software uses artificial intelligence to verify against watchlists and fraud protection checks to ensure the ID has not been tampered with. Also once downloaded by us no customer data is stored by APLYiD.