Asset finance calculator

October 4, 2019


Buying new assets for your business?

Asset finance is a cost-effective solution for a growing business that needs immediate access to new plant or equipment. But finding a plan that works for your business can be time-consuming.

Knowing how much you can borrow, the monthly repayments and how long it will take to repay the loan, are all questions raised before taking out a loan. That’s where our asset finance calculator comes in.

What is an asset finance calculator?

Our asset finance calculator provides business owners an idea of what the business’s monthly loan repayments could be, and how long it could take to pay off the loan. The calculator can also be used as a rough guide to help with business budgeting and forecasting.

Partners Finance & Lease’s calculator provides monthly repayment figures based on a loan taken out over 3, 4, or 5 years.

How to use it?

Whatever you’re looking at buying, whether it’s a new truck, excavator, ute, or bus, you can use the calculator for any asset (apart from property).

Simply input the amount you need to borrow for the asset you want to buy, excluding the GST and that’s it. The calculator does all the sums for you, so you don’t need to worry about any complicated sums.

Like most finance calculators, the estimates provided are and should be used as a guide only. Get in touch for a more accurate estimate and a quote that’s tailored to your business. Of course, all applications are subject to our terms and credit approval criteria.

What next?

To see how much your monthly repayments could be for your business simply click ‘Finance Calculator’ in the left-hand corner of your window if browsing on desktop, or on the right if you’re using a mobile device.

Try out the calculator here and click the link in the corner of your screen.

If you’d like a quote for your next asset purchase, call us on 0800 727 101 or apply here.

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