We work with brokers to deliver tailored asset finance plans that suit their clients. As a former brokerage, we understand a broker’s requirements which is why we’re one of New Zealand’s favoured lenders.

  • Partners Finance Lease
    Lease agreement against a single asset with a known residual from day one
    • Terms from 12-84 months
    • Security is solely against the asset being leased
    • Varying residual values available resulting in reduced monthly payments
    • GST neutral – paid and claimed monthly
    • For new or used assets
    • Fixed monthly repayments with fixed interest rate
    • Low documentation fee
    • New line of credit – preserves existing banking facilities
    • Residual value can more truly reflect asset’s useful life
    • Structure can match income to repayments
    • Cashflow certainty
    • No unexpected GST surprise in month three
  • Conditional Purchase Agreement
    (Hire Purchase)
    • Simple way of financing a new asset
    • Terms from 12-84 months
    • No requirement for bank approval
    • Security is over the asset being purchased
    • Low documentation fee
    • Low and no deposit available
    • Fixed interest rate and monthly repayments
    • Repayments tailored to suit client circumstances
    • Allows you to use cash more productively in other areas of your business
    • Allows you to maintain your existing banking lines
    • Builds equity in the asset
    • Fixed monthly payment simplifies budgeting
    • Allows you to sell asset without having to re-document other facilities
    • Cashflow certainty
    • No costly legal fees required
  • Term Loan
    A loan secured against existing or newly acquired assets
    • Terms of 12-84 months
    • Fixed term, fixed interest rate
    • Repayments structured to meet your cash flow
    • Often used when financing non core assets
    • Low documentation fee
    • A new line of funding separate from your banking facilities
    • Fixed interest rate and fixed term provide certainty for outgoings / cashflow
    • Allows you to use the money more productively elsewhere in the business
    • Useful when importing fixed assets
  • Operating Lease
    Use of an asset over an agreed term for a fixed monthly payment
    • Tax operating
    • Fixed operating cost
    • For new and used assets
    • Fixed monthly repayments
    • Low documentation fee
    • Reduces risks associated with ownership
    • Less administration
    • Maintains existing banking facilities
    • No impact on the balance sheet
    • Cashflow certainty
    • Reduces risk of ownership
    • No impact on capital expenditure budgets
  • Working Capital
    A loan secured against existing plant / equipment / motor vehicles to enable funds to be used elsewhere in the business
    • Terms of 12-84 months
    • Fixed term, fixed interest rate
    • Fixed monthly repayments
    • Low documentation fee
    • Frees up cash tied up in your assets for more productive use elsewhere
    • Allows you to maintain existing banking lines
    • Can provide for better terms of trade with suppliers
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