Frost fan finance for New Zealand’s crops

March 1, 2019


Protecting your crop from the damaging effects of frosts are paramount to ensuring the success of your business all year round.

New Zealand boasts one of the most competitive wine markets in the world which means growers always need to be at the top of their game.

We work closely with fruit growers across the country to ensure they’re able to equip themselves with latest technology.

Vineyard fans

Frost fans are the most popular way of protecting crops from frost damage – saving growers millions of dollars each year. Fans are used to protect all kinds of fruit; these include grapes, avocados, blueberries, kiwis, cherries and olives.

According to provider NZ Frost Fans, frost fans have become the central element in most frost protection strategies. They use the warmer air in the inversion layer to protect a crop from frost damage. The frost fan protects the crop from frost damage by angling the blade slightly downwards to pull the inversion layer down to ground level.

Chris Kay of NZ Frost Fans said: “The aim is also to protect against cold injury to increase a grower’s current yields and improve the quality of the fruit, whilst ensuring continuity of supply or shelf space, an increasingly important factor with the rising trend in winery-owned fruit.

“Frost fans are a well proven technology for mitigating the devastating losses that can occur from a significant frost event. Many growers use frost fans as a tool to combat cold injury by programming them to start automatically based on a preset temperature. Frost protection systems would have only been used when a serious frost was forecast, but now frost fans will start automatically to prevent damage from cold events that may only last a few hours in the middle of the night or early morning.”

NZ Frost Fans have recently launched a new ROI calculator highlighting that a frost fan can pay for itself in a single frost event.

Helping you

Wherever you are, we’ll do our best to help you. We recently provided finance to a North Island firm because they were unable to raise funds through their bank. So while their bank said no, we said yes and tailored a finance package to their needs.

“Thanks to Partners Finance & Lease we were able to purchase a handful of frost fans for crop in the North Island. The team were very accommodating throughout and swiftly sorted finance so we could get on and install them before the weather changed.”

Finance for your business

Here are some benefits of using an asset finance provider for your next frost fan purchase.

New credit line: Asset finance lets you access a new line of credit alongside your existing bank facilities.

Quick access to funding: As a business owner, contractor or grower providing, you’ll want to protect your crops asap. Access funding as and when you need it through asset finance.

Finance secured against existing assets: In most cases only your existing business assets (equipment / vehicles etc) are secured against your finance plan.

Fixed interest rates: All of our asset finance plans come with fixed interest rates and monthly repayments so you can easily budget business expenses.

Long lease: Our repayment terms are available from 12 – 84 months and agreed to suit your business requirements.

What next?

To discuss finance tailored to your requirements, please call 0800 727 101 or email