Meet our Board: Graham Robertson

June 11, 2020


Partners Finance & Lease (PFL) prides itself on understanding Kiwi businesses to help them obtain the assets they need to grow.

The board of directors consists of Francis Fitzgerald (founder), Jim Boult, Graham Robertson and Bryan Inch. Since it was founded in 2014 the company has supported more than 2,000 businesses with funding their assets.

In this latest series, Marketing Executive Amelia Chubb catches-up with the board of directors to find out more about them and their involvement with Partners Finance & Lease.

Meet Graham Robertson

Co-owner and director of Partners Finance & Lease, Graham is primarily based in Christchurch and has a vast farming background (dairy and arable crops) in the Methven area.

Graham has held various national and regional positions, including: national president of NZ Federated Farmers, board chair of Plant and Food (formerly Crop and Food), founding chair of Cropmark NZ, along with various regulatory and advisory boards of Government such as Trade Development, Independent Biotechnology Advisory Council, Bioethics Council, and Pesticide board.

What does Partners Finance & Lease mean to you?

“As a farmer and businessperson, I recognise the importance of using the best of modern technology and machinery. Partners (PFL) is in the business of ensuring that businesses have funding to invest and build their capacity.”

How did you stay sane during the COVID-19 lockdown?

“Sanity was saved by my wife and I getting our bikes out of the back of the garage and discovering the joys of cycling on empty roads. We also discovered the great network of cycle tracks and trails especially along the south bank of the Waimakariri River. We intend to keep that up!”

What does trade look like from where you are now and going forward?

“The primary industries have a great future. The increase in productivity from new technology is leading to an ever-greater speed of change. Certainly, there are big environmental challenges to meet but science is rapidly providing answers such as methane reductions in ruminant livestock.”

Businesses are responding creatively because of COVID-19 – what have you seen / any standout examples of this in your area and beyond?

“In agriculture it is remarkable to see how the business of growing and processing food and fibre continued, almost uninterrupted. This required a great deal of ingenuity to comply with regulations around distancing, but companies succeeded with limited reductions in productivity.”

What one piece of advice would you give to uncertain business owners/managers during this time?

“Budget carefully, make sure you know your business, your market, and the regulatory environment and then back yourself 100%. Go for it.”

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