Straight-forward finance for your new vehicle

March 29, 2019


Purchasing a new vehicle for your business? We like to keep things simple, with a short turnaround to ensure our clients’ new wheels are on the road pronto.

Follow our motor matrix checklist for quick and easy approval when financing a commercial car or ute with us:

Age of vehicle

Our book is crammed with all aged vehicles, from ex sport Datsuns to the latest Kia Sportage or Toyota Prius. While we’re fans of all vehicles, cars up to 5 years old fall into our dedicated motor matrix making the process even quicker.

Amount financed

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you can borrow up to $150,000 for a new commercial vehicle.

Maximum exposure

If you’ve been with us for up to a year, you’ll start out with a maximum exposure of $150,000. If you’ve been an existing customer for more than 3 years, this increases to $250,000.

Business continuity

We can provide more flexibility than many traditional bank lenders. You need to prove a minimum of three years’ trading history to fall into our motor matrix, but don’t worry if you can’t, we’ll always consider an application on its own merits.

Credit history

Bonus points for borrowers / guarantors with squeaky clean credit history.


Don’t forget to include all company directors / shareholders’ signatures – we’ll need those.

Property ownership

While we’ll never use your personal home as security, if you can prove you’re a home owner it’s another tick towards your new car. However, we appreciate that not all business owners will have invested in property which is why we’ll also accept a 20% deposit instead.

Done deal with a dealership

Any car financed through a licensed dealer or recognised supplier is good with us.

What next?

To discuss finance for your next commercial vehicle, call 0800 727 101 or email 

*Your application is subject to Partners Finance & Lease’s lending terms and credit approval criteria.