PFL team member to conquer New York Marathon with inspiring athlete

August 9, 2023

At PFL, we love witnessing stories like this!

We are delighted to share the inspiring journey of Christchurch local, Douglas, a 75-year-old visually impaired (VI) athlete, who is preparing to conquer the New York Marathon.

See the Givealittle link here for more information:

Despite being completely blind in one eye and with only 5% visibility in the other, Douglas has achieved incredible things, including running over 60 half marathons. Now, with a gritty spirit, he is back and determined to take on the next 42.2 kilometre challenge. His doctor has informed him that he will most likely be 100% blind come race day, so to support Douglas in this monumental effort, our very own Brittany and Rosie (valued members of the PFL family) have volunteered to guide him.

Together, the duo run most weekends and are part of Achilles NZ, a community fostering inclusivity and empowerment through sports. With their compassion and athleticism, they will be guiding Douglas over the next few months through the gruelling training and then the marathon itself.

Running a marathon at Douglas’ age alone is extraordinary, but doing so with a visual impairment, alongside 50,000+ other participants is truly remarkable. We’re looking forward to backing this epic trio from little old New Zealand.

We extend an invitation to all, clients and partners alike, to join us in supporting Douglas as he embarks on this incredible endeavour. Let’s rally together, spread the word and make this journey unforgettable for him. Your generous contributions will not only fund his marathon journey but also serve and support this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 💪🌟