Our purpose is simple. It’s built on being valuable to staff, stakeholders, customers, environment and the community.


Over the next year, Partners Finance & Lease (PFL) will be working towards achieving B Corp certification. We are building on the work we are doing now so we can use our business as a force for good and help to support our future actions.


To become the preferred lender of choice of providing sustainable asset finance to NZ businesses. Our definition of sustainable finance is shared value to staff, shareholders, customers, stake holders and the community. Helping stakeholders succeed whilst remaining true to our culture and values, operating in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible.

Mission: How we create impact
Being a trusted, respected, professional organisation, enabling Kiwi businesses to thrive through accessible asset finance. By helping our customers/clients and our people unlock their commercial growth potential we enhance sustainable economic outcomes. We will maintain a respectful, friendly, encouraging, fun and professional work environment, which recognises all forms of diversity for the well-being of our staff and clientele.

Areas of focus


We recognise New Zealand is in a climate crisis and we need to change how business is done. Climate change is one of the most significant risks to our planet and having a greater impact on the world day-by-day. Alongside the rest of Aotearoa we are looking to limit the impacts and effects of climate change, by improving our climate practices to help New Zealand be greener. We are committed to becoming a carbon neutral financial institution and want to show clients that we are future focused and understand the urgency of climate change.


At PFL, people are at the centre of what we do and give us a unique appeal and personal service. We are committed to looking after employees within our organisation and also the local communities that we surround ourselves by.

Our Business

Good corporate governance ensures a business operates and acts in the best interests of everyone (all parties). PFL have robust internal systems and processes in place to reduce risks and elevate opportunities which in turn help to enable a faster more efficient approach to asset finance. Not only does it help the business run smoothly, but it also helps meet objectives and supports the decision-making process.